Two cities locked in a generational feud. A monster, capable of ending it all. And a boy, denied of life. Freedom, of all things, is the most out of reach.

For Mose Harper, the neverending deluge of the City feels like a prison. Raindrops represent tears of the sullied, and their world is clinging to a life of misery. But when the distant war begins to resurface, a demonic force gestates. Though Mose has never known the true meaning of life, he is soon forced to find it on his own. The demon, before his very eyes, devises a devastating plan, one that will shift the tide of the world forever. The people of Elysium are scared, for one reason only.

Because Kimbo is coming.

Do you love All Hallows' Eve? Ghost stories? Tales from beyond that leave you feeling unsettled while walking to the kitchen at night? The orange-and-black vintage Halloween aesthetic? Haunted houses with shuttered windows?

Edited by Gaby Triana with John Palisano, this anthology of 19 short stories by some of the most terrifying names in horror is the perfect collection for a dark and stormy October night. Featuring tales to make you hide under the covers by: Jonathan Maberry, Gwendolyn Kiste, Catherine Cavendish, Tim Waggoner, Jeff Strand, Sara Tantlinger, Lee Murray, Alethea Kontis, Lisa Morton & more.