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What readers say...

“Triana’s tale hovers on the border between dark fantasy and outright horror, drawing upon the creepiness of Florida’s forgotten corners to infuse the setting with a sense of loss, decay, and impending doom.”


Publishers Weekly (BookLife)

"MOON CHILD is a tension-filled tale of paranormal suspense with a strong lead character and delicious chills. I loved it, and you will too!" 


Tim Waggoner

Bram Stoker award-winning author of Writing in the Dark and Your Turn to Suffer

"Triana crafts Vale’s story using all of the abilities she has mastered throughout her previous work and delivers an atmospheric and haunting tale of friendship, family and fate that readers will find equally bewitching and exciting."

Thomas Joyce

This is Horror

“Terrifying and beautiful in the tradition of the best Gothic fiction. The atmosphere lingers long after the last page is turned.”

- Michelle Zink, bestselling author of the PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS Trilogy

"Gaby Triana's ISLAND OF BONES is a devious mystery with plenty of dark secrets, unexpected twists, and a very satisfying payoff. Highly recommended!"

Jonathan Maberry

NYT bestselling author of


"First rate Southern Gothic, haunted and scary horror, steeped in atmosphere and strong on both story and characters." 

Catherine Cavendish

author of gothic fiction and 


"Very well written, highly engaging...enjoyable and fun, defying several genre expectations."

Christine Morgan

The Horror Fiction Review

"A chilling, smart mystery. I could almost hear the hoofbeats!"  

Alex Flinn, author of Beastly

"Tropical horror is not a genre explored as often, (after all folks don’t equate paradise with horror), but Island of Bones is a standout entry in the literary camp of the niche subgenre."

Nicholas Diak

Pop Culture Scholar





"In this page-turning, eerie novel, the author skillfully builds an air of quiet menace, where 'pumpkins sit on front porches like families gathered in the dark, telling ghost stories.' The book's action scenes echo the rhythms of hoofbeats, and the reader's pulse should pound along with Michaela's. It's indeed ambitious to write a horror story involving Irving and Shelley, titans of the genre; luckily, Triana turns out to be up to the challenge, with a smart, unusual take on the true legend of Sleepy Hollow." 

Kirkus Reviews

"On the surface, ISLAND OF BONES provides a drama-packed battle with the evils of human jealousy and greed against the backdrop of a swirling assault of ghosts and nature. But scratch away the veneer and you will uncover a reminder that supressing your true potential can be detrimental to your mental wellbeing. So be you, face your ghosts and pursue your passions just as Gaby Triana has done with this novel." 

Vicki Camps, Nightmarish Conjurings

"With Island of Bones, Gaby Triana's nuanced story-telling enthralled and terrified me. I couldn't put down this pulse-pounding horror story until I'd devoured it in one sitting." 

Virna DePaul

New York Times bestselling author

"From the opening pages, this spooky YA immerses readers in an atmosphere reminiscent of the “real” Sleepy Hollow—a dark train station, late at night, a chilly wind, mysterious voices echoing in the air."

School Library Journal


"Wake the Hollow kept me on my toes. It had mystery, unexplainable romance, history like I’ve never read before, and a main character that I would love to see more of. Like it’s inspiration, it will be a story that won’t be forgotten any time soon." 

Moriah Chavis, A Leisure Moment

"I've read about one hundred books over the last year, from giants like Stephen King, strange novels by Clive Barker, and indie novels from across the genre spectrum, but few have been as evocatively human as Island of Bones."

D.S. Black

 horror author

and reviewer

"OMG!!! This retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow surpassed all my wildest expectations and then some. The cover is stunning and the author's creative take on this ghostly read is simply outstanding. I was on the edge of my seat throughout this read that captivated me from beginning to end. This is an ominous read that will delight and scare you." 


YA Book Divas


"Like Richard Matheson's Hell House (which is just across the road, thematically speaking), the Springs is built on psychogeological stratae of human misery that gradually manifest through the different characters, who each have their own personal reasons for investigating the secrets of the place." 

- Daisy Lyle

Ginger Nuts of Horror

" Gaby Triana's latest gothic horror novel is deliciously creepy, with a lush Florida setting that is a character in its own right. A gripping tale that will make your skin crawl in the best way." 

Diana Rodriguez Wallach,

author of the YA Latinx horror novel SMALL TOWN MONSTERS

(Random House, Fall ‘21)


"It had everything I could want in a good book: great, unique characters, thick suspense that kept me on my toes, a gripping mystery, a sweet, unexpected romance and a town with an interesting history and past." 

Night Owl Reviews

NOR Top Pick


"The tone of the story is a bit ominous, which makes it difficult to put down. [...] The mystery of Washington Irving's descendants grows and so does the danger to Michaela. The suspense lasts throughout the book and the supernatural touch brings the right amount of thrill to the story. Wonderful spookiness!" 

LynnDell Watson

Delta High School Media Specialist

"I loved this book. It sucked me in so fast that I couldn't even stop reading long enough to take notes for this review. Oh my poor heart was a racing while reading this. I felt every emotion poor Mica felt, her fear, the tears, and the confusion on who to trust. The writing was amazing." 

M.A. Hickman

Daydreaming Between the Lines


"Great mix of suspense, mystery, and a little bit of romance. I am a big fan of the Sleepy Hollow legend, so it was very cool to see a modern story based on it." 

Amy, Amazon Reviewer


"Quite the mystery. Kept me on my toes the entire time!" 


Lulo Fangirl YouTube Channel

"OMG! This book kept me on my toes! It left me guessing right until the end...LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!" 


Shawna Cramer Blog!

"Gaby Triana expertly weaves a story that kept me going. I was binge reading this book and had a book hangover afterwards." 

Casia Courtier, 60 Seconds and More

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